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Tallinn, City Archives, Cm 9. Magnus Eriksson’s Stadslag


Magnus Eriksson’s Stadslag


Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici


Saec. XV 1/2


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City Archives
Cm 9



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Tallinn, City Archives, Cm 9. Magnus Eriksson’s Stadslag
Saec. XV
Magnus Eriksson
Fols. :
Magnus Eriksson
. Defective at the beginning until KB 21, and at the end after DrVdh. 9. Ed.
Schlyter 1865, 45–350
(Konungs balk 21) ok huar lati sig nöghia ... om alth riketh.
hær byrias giftomal balker.
(Index, 1–18) huilkom lundom man ... Uil man sik konu bidia ... ... (art. 7) konungen ok staden. Barns | (the following leaf has been almost completely cropped, only a few words are visible) (art. 9) af allo oskipto ... ... til iæmpnadha ganga. (Ärfda balk) (index, 1–20) Um byman dör ... Nu dör byman eller ... ... (21) æn then barn döör.
Jordha balker
. (Index, 1–17) Hwru ærffda godhz skal ... Nw will nokor sæliæ ... ... (17) hwat the hördo. (
Bygninga balk
) (index, 1–22) Thwe sculu the wara ... Twe skulu the I huario stadh wara som ... ... (22) sydhro wari lagh samu. (
Köpmala balker
) (index, 1–33) Vm lösöre köpp ... Alth thet man köpir ... ... (33) före konung ok stadum. (
Skipmala balker
) (index, 1–19) Hwru man skal ... Hwilkin man som til ... ... (19) hwars thera wegna. (
radhstow balker
) (index, 1–33) Hwru mangh maal ... Ey ma man fler ... ... (34) ællir j stadzens gömo.
Edzöris balker
(index, 1–25) Nw ridher man ... Nu ridher man hem ... ... (26) mista handh sinæ. (
Högmälis balker
) (index, 1–11) Um man mörder ... Mördhir man annan eller ... ... (11) miste howdh sith. (
drapmal medh wilia
) (index, 1–14) Um the draapp ... Nw drapir man annan ... ... (15) ligge i twæböthir. (
drapmal medh wadha
) (index, 1–16) Hwru mangh hugh ... Nw hugger man at manne ... ... (10) wari ogilth æ huaria (catchwords 'handæ las thet') | (the first word is caught on fol. 60a, which is almost entirely excised).
60 folios + 2 paper flyleaves.
15,5cm × 22cm (11,5cm × 14,5cm)
Modern foliation on both sides of the leaf; the first, blank leaf has been foliated as 1a after-hand.
+ (V–1)
+ V
+ (V–1)
+ 2V
+ (V+1)
Catchwords in the lower margin of the last page of a quire.
At least one quire is missing from both the front and back of the manuscript. A leaf is almost completely excised after fol. 3. A leaf excised after fol. 25 (no textual loss). Fol. 41 is smaller and of a different shape, but the scribe adapted the text accordingly. Fol. 60 is probably a later addition. Fol. 60a is almost entirely cropped.
The writing is badly worn, especially at the beginning and end of the surviving volume. There is some staining throughout, and on some occasions the ink of the decoration has seeped through.
Two columns with 25 lines; vertical bounding lines in ink.
One hand of
saec. XV
writing a simple hybrida script.
The hand of an annotator contributed some original notes in the margins.
On fol. , a picture of Christ on the cross. This leaf is a later addition, bound in between quires. Alternating red and green lombardic initials and also paraphs. Article numbers and headings are given in red.
Girdle-book binding with wooden boards and brown leather covers. Two hook-clasps. Five copper bosses on both the front and back covers.
The manuscript contains an imperfect copy of
Magnus Eriksson
. It was written by a single scribe, during
(the first half of) saec. XV
. Since the manuscript shares certain similarities with a number of manuscripts of Finnish origin (
Wiktorsson 1992, 35–38
), it may have been written in
Several leaves show the stamp of
Tallinn City Archives
. How and when the manuscript ended up in
is uncertain.
Tiina Kala,
Mittelalterliche Handschriften in den Sammlungen des Stadtarchivs Tallinn und des Estnischen Historischen Museums. Katalog,
Tallinn 2007, 150–152.
Per-Axel Wiktorsson, “Två återupptäckta laghandskrifter”,
Nordisk tidskrift för bok- och biblioteksväsen 79
, 1992, 34–38.
Ville Walta
Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici
Creative Commons BY 4.0