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Helsinki, National Library, C.III.10. Kristoffer kuninkaan maanlaki


Kristoffer kuninkaan
maanlaki; King Kristoffer's Law of the Land in the Finnish
translation of Martinus Olavi (d. 1585).


Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici


Saec. XVI 2/2



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National Library



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Helsinki, National Library, C.III.10. Kristoffer kuninkaan maanlaki
Saec. XVI
kuninkaan maanlaki
King Christopher’s Law of the Land in the Finnish translation of Martinus Olavi (d. 1585)
Fols. [a], [b]v–[w] are blank.
: ‘
Commendatio legisterij
. Ingentes vere Gazas haec pagina pandit; / Haec legum formas, Juraque vera docet, / Quemuis Sueonum regitur populus pariter Finnonumque, / Quae pariunt pacem, imperiumque tenent / Iccirco liber hic gratus sit, sit bene notus, / Subjectis Sveciae, regibus atque probis.’
Fols. , King
Law of the Land in Finnish
. All books but the first preceded by a list of chapters. Cf.
Setälä and Nyholm (eds) 1905, 1–182.
Kuningan caari
. Ruodzin waldakunda ombi pacanaitten ... ... eli edhemmä wiwyttämän.
Naimisen caari
. 1. Cuinga miehen tule idzellens ... ... 1.
Mies tacto itzellens Emändät
pytä ... ... twle maxolla täyttä.
Perimisen Caari
. 1. Cuinga lasten, ja lasten lasten ... ... 1.
Nyt cuole mies eli waimo
, ia lapset elävät ... ... edeskirioitetun eli sanottun perimisen.
Maan Caari
. 1. Wiisi on laaillist ... ...
Wijsinäinen on laillisesti saatw
maa ... ... mitä sen pälle saadhan
. Rakennoxen Caari
. 1. Quinga talonpoiat mahtavat ... ... 1.
Jos talonpoiat tahtouat kylä wastu
dhesta raketa ... ... quin se hänelle arwatan.
Kaupan asian Caari
. 1. Osta mies maanpälist ... ... 1.
Osta mies kulda eli hopia muilda
mutta ... ... lwiana ia rickomatoina.
Käräiän asian Caari
. 1. Ensin lakimies twle walitta ... 1.
Coska lakimiehen pitä wlgos walittaman nijn
pitä ... ... ia 6 äyriä palkexi.
Walasackoin Caari
. 1. Jos ioku yllyttä iongwn ... ... 1.
Yllyttä mies toisen kartanohon nijn mie
lin, että hän ... ... quin hän sen itze tehnyt olis.
Corkembain sydhen Caari
. 1. Mwrha iokw toisen ... ... 1.
Murha mies toisen, eli waimo, eli cu
ka yxi toisen ... ... vickoa, paitzi omians.
Tahto tapon Caari
. 1. Jos tapachtu tappelus miesten waihella ... ... 1.
Nyt tule rijta miesten waihelle, tappa
vat toinen toisens ... ... syynsanoia colmannen kihlacunda.
Tapaturman tapon Caari
. 1. Eroitetan micka, tahdon teko on ... ... 1
. Se quin miekan eli weitzen wetä Jou
tzen eli mwn odan ... ... ia 12 miehen walall.
Tahto hawain sackoin Caari
. 1. Quinga miehen pitä toisen hawa sacko sitoman ... 1.
Nyt tahto mies toisen hauoille sitoa
nijn sano se ... ... että sen eläin sen wahingon teki.
Tapaturman hawain sakon Caari
. 1. Lyöpi mies toista cohden ... ... 1.
Hacka mies toista selkän eli kylken ta
icka ricki käsiwardhen ... ... warielkan itzens 6 miehen walalla.
Warkaudhen Caari
. 1. Sen systä ioka miehen emännän ... ... 1
. Paras kalu eli tauara quin miehen ta
lon tarpes on ... ... Ehkä nyt näisä asioisa toisin tehdän ia dwomitan.
Fol. 161
is blank.
Fols. ,
Vocabula arboris consanguinitatis
, in
. Ed.
Setälä and Nyholm 1905, 183–189.
Vocabula arboris consanquinitatis. Ascendendo et Descendendo
. Pater – Jsä – Fadher ... ...
Extra arborem affinitatis haec habeantur
... patrinus, patrini – Gwtzevixet – Gwdzewär.
Fols. 166–167
are blank.
There is a loose leaf between
fols. [f] and [g]
, the recto-side contains financial notes in a hand of
saec. (?)XVII
‘Kuiala á Råg: 9- ...’
Systematic marginalia (in a slightly later hand) indicate the contents of each chapter in
; the same scribe has added the titles of the books in Swedish in the upper margins. On fols. there are also annotations in
, in a hand closer to that of the main text, supplying scattered source indications, Latin juridical terms, and alternative translations.
2 + 23 + 168 + 2 fols.
15,5cm × 19,5cm (12cm × 13-13,5cm)
Apparently original foliation in Arabic numerals in the upper right-hand corners of recto-sides, covering all written pages as well as two empty folia towards the end (166–167). Foliation skips number 77.
+ 1
+ V
+ (IV–1)
+ (IV+1)
+ 1
+ 1
Catchwords present in the lower margin on most pages.
The book is in good condition.
The front and back pastedowns ([I] and [IV]) have come loose from the covers.
The edges of the folia have been gilded and decorated with blind-tooled and coloured patterns.
text in one column on 18–24 lines, not ruled.
One main scribe writing rather formal Gothic Cursive and using Hybrida for book and chapter titles. The appearance of the script is somewhat archaic.
The title of each book has been flourished with black and green ink.
Restored binding of
saec. XVI
, full leather, dark brown calfskin on boards with raised bands. Two brass clasps. The binding was rebacked in a restoration carried out in the twentieth century.
Blind-tooled decoration, on the front cover a blind-stamped image of Christ on the cross, with the legend ‘Propter scelus popu[li]’; on the back St
killing the dragon, with the legend ‘Mors ero mors tuam’. The book has gauffered gilt edges with coloured floral patterns.
A high quality lawbook produced in the
latter half of the sixteenth century
for the use of a crown official, commissioned or later acquired by
Clemens Juusten
who was mayor of
at the
beginning of saec. XVII
According to
Airila and Harmas (1930, xvi)
the inside of the front cover had the marking ‘Clemett Seffwerinsson Jwsten manu propria [15]99’, indicating the ownership of the book by
Clement Juusten
, bailiff in
and possibly also in
, and mayor of
Ramsay 1909–1916, 216
Almquist 1917–1923, vol. 4, 38
). The notice appears to have been lost when the binding was restored and the pastedowns and flyleaves (
fols. [I–IV]
) were changed.
How the book found its way to the
National Library of Finland
is not known. On
fol. [a]r
, in pencil in a hand of
saec. XIX
: ‘No. 20 in 4to’, apparently an old shelfmark. The current shelfmark in pencil on the back pastedown,
fol. [IV]r
: ‘C III 10’. The blue stamp of the
University Library
’s manuscript department on the front pastedown (
fol. [I]r
M. Airila and H. Harmas (eds),
Kristoffer kuninkaan maanlaki herra Martin suomeksi kääntämä
, vol. 2,
Toisintotekstit verrattuna Tukholman Codexiin B 96
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J. A. Almquist,
Den civila lokalförvaltningen i Sverige 1523–1630: med särskild hänsyn till den kamerala indelningen
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J. Ramsay,
Frälsesläkter i Finland intill Stora ofreden
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E. N. Setälä and M. Nyholm (eds),
Kristoffer kuninkaan maanlaki herra Martin suomeksi kääntämä
, vol. 1,
Tukholman Codex B 96
(Suomen kielen muistomerkkejä – Monumenta linguae fennicae, vol. 2:1), Helsinki 1905.
Jesse Keskiaho
Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici
Creative Commons BY 4.0