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Uppsala, University Library, B 76. Kristoffer’s Landslag


Kristoffer’s Landslag


Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici


Saec. XVI 2/2


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University Library
B 76



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Uppsala, University Library, B 76. Kristoffer’s Landslag
Saec. XVI
Fols. : The order of chapters and
alphabetical register for the
. Fol. 1 contains part of letters D and E of the register. It should be placed between fols. 5 and 6.
Ordo Capitum
(also a mnemonic verse for remembering them) (Alphabetical register) (fol. is blank)
Fols. :
, Kyrkobalk (by a younger hand than the main part). Text skips Fl. 14:10. Ed.
Schlyter 1834, 9–86
Kirckio bygningh och Balck.
(Index) Om kirkio bygning och om the dagwerke som ... A Christ skula alla Christna men troa ... halffwe rådhe then the fälla, Nu tale om kyrckio Balck etc. (fols. blank).
Fols. : A few notes by the main hand and another hand.
(On jurors, by a hand of
saec. XVI
) J tålff danne mä, som nu äre ... här edher siela modha. (on oaths, by the main hand)
Um them som eedh wele gånge
. Hwilken som eedh swär på book hann schall ... ... um iagh thenne eedh orätteligenn swär. (
's, prologue, by the hand appearing on fol. ) Gwdh altzwäldriger himmels och Jorda ... fader, son och then helge ande. AMEN.
Fols. :
(leaf missing between fols. 39 and 40 meaning that part of the index to Konunga balk is lacking). Various additions from other laws made (list of the additions in
Schlyter 1869, LV
). Ed.
Schlyter 1869, 7–397, 402–403
Konungx Balker begynnes först här.
(Index) Först huru Swerige är samman kommidt ... (part of the index is missing) Swerigis Ryke ähr aff hedna werldh samman kommidt ... ... i thet sinne, och ey mere eller lännger. (followed by an addition by another hand).
Gifftermåle Balker beginner här och haffwer flocka 23
. (Index) Försth hwrw mann skall sigh hwstrw bedia ... will mann sigh kona bedia thå schall hann ... ... gielde åter som wart war. (followed by an addition).
Erffwe Balker begynnes här och haffwer flocka 23
. Hwru barn eller barnebarnn schole ... Döör bonde eller hwstrw och leffwe barn ... ... haffwer biscop konungz rätth vdi förbenembde arff.
Enden på erffwe Balcken
Jorde Balker begynnes här
. (Index) Fem äre lagafång iordhi ... Fem äre lagafongh iordh j Swerigis lagh ... ... om honnom lagliga tillsagt war.
Enden på iorde Balkenn
. (Fol. is blank)
Bygninge Balker begynnes här och haffwer flocka.
(Index) Först hwrw Bönder måge ... Wilia bonder by aff nyo byggia, eller ligger ... ... tythet honom mätidt warder.
Enden på Bygninge Balckenn.
Köpmåla Balker begynnes här
. (Index) Köper mann lösöra, fää, wapn ... Köper man fää hoffwat eller ... ... effther ty gäldet är till.
Enden på köpmåle Balkenn
. (Followed by an addition).
Tingmåla Balker begynnes här
. (Index) Försth hwrw lagmann äger wälias ... Tå lagmann wälias chall, thå skall konung ... ... eller häradzhöffdinghe böthe tree öre.
Enden på Tingzmåle Balkenn
(followed by an addition).
Edzöres Balker begynnes här
. (Index) Först om någor gör androm ... Söker man heem åth androm thäs ... ... konunghz hempd och wrede.
Enden på Edzöres Balkenn.
(Fol. is blank)
Högmälis Balker begynnes här, och haffwer flocka sextonn.
(Index) Mörder någor annan, hwrw thett skall ranskakas ... Mörder mader man eller kona eller hwar ... (Riksrådets stadga om uppenbara gärningar added on fol. 108v between articles 14 and 15; dated to 1403) ... må hann förbryta, vthan sine eigne.
Endenn på högmälis balkenn.
Dråpmåla Balker medh wilia begynnes här
. (Index) Kommer skilnad manna mellom ... Kommer skildnad manne mellom, draper.. ... konungh, annan målsegannden, och tridie häredt.
Enden på dråpmåla balken medh wilia.
Dråpmåla Balker medh wåda begynnes här
. (Index) Först skils hwadh wilie wärck ähr ... Hwar som sward, eller kniff dragger, spenner ... ... thw withne och 12 manna eedhe.
Enden på dråpmåle Balkenn medh wådha.
Såramåla Balker medh wilia, begynnes här.
(Index) Försh, hwrw mann schall annan ... Will man annan till såra binda, thå säger ... ... atth thes fää, haffwer theth giordt.
Enden på såramåla balk medh willia.
Såramåla Balker medh wådha begynnes her
. (Index) Hugger mann åtth anndrom, och ... Hugger man åth androm och warder annan ... ... thå wärie sigh medh sex manna Eedhe.
Enden på Såramåla Balk medh wådha
Tiwffwe Balker begynnes här
. (Index) Om saak hanns, som bondens hustru ... Beste tingh som bondenn j boo sitth haffwer ... ... sitth lyff, och ägn sino.
Enden på Tiuffwe Balkenn.
Fols. : Various additions, partly by later hands.
(Two additions from other laws, by hands of
saec. XVI
) Nappar man ax aff annars mans ... för läppe gäldh [] (word explanations)
Ett lithen underuisning eller uthtydning på någre gamle ord som finnes j lagbökerne och äre nw icke uthi daghligh brukningh
... [–v] (Excerpts from
Her effter fölger nogra almenneliga reglar vthdragne aff Össgöta laghen ...
[] (
with 30 articles; cf.
Klemming 1856, 289–309
with considerable differences)
Een Hampna skrogh för fskiare vtdraghen konung Karls Articlar för then som fiskia plegha på konungs almenna fiskis grunder.
Effter Gudz rettuisa uthkräffuer ... [] (Answers to King
Johan III
’s questions on some penalties in ecclesiastical law,
22 January 1570
) (fol. is blank) [] (
Kalmar Recess
, dated to 23 August 1473/4;
SDHK 29818
) [] (
Gustav Vasa
’s articles,
); ed.
Schmedeman 1706, 15–22
.) [] (
Erik XIV
); ed.
Schmedeman 1706, 34–43
.) [] (
Erik av Pommern
, begins with an index; cf.
Klemming 1868–1881, 63–68
.) [] (King
Karl Knutsson
’s articles,
.) [] (
Nyköping’s recess
(1538); cf.
Schmedeman 1706, 6–7
.) [] (
On examinations at the
.) [] (
Västerås ordinantia
; ed.
SRA 1, 89–96
.) [] (
Västerås recess
; fol. 178 followed by an unnumbered blank leaf.) [] (King
Gustav Vasa
’s mandate to the
20 June 1555
; cf.
GIR 25, 262–272
; fol. 184 is followed by an unnumbered blank leaf.) (
Klas Fleming
’s judgment from
FMU 1459
), by a hand of
saec. XVI
.) [] (
Sten Sture
’s judgment from
20 October 1488
FMU 4212
.) [] (
Johann III
’s letter,
17 March 1572
, imperf.) [–v] (St
’s letter from
, to her son
Birger Ulfsson
; cf.
SDHK 10383
.) [] (
Johan III
’s letter to
Lasse Henriksson
21 June 1581
.) [] (Another letter by
Johan III
Lasse Henriksson
24 July 1583
.) [] (Descriptions of coats of arms of various parts of
(Fol. is blank, as are the two unnumbered leaves that follow.)
194 + 1 folios.
15,5cm × 20,5cm (10,5cm × 15cm)
Modern foliation in ink in the upper right corner. Foliation has skipped blank leaves after fols. 178, 184 and 191. The number of the respective chapter of the law is also drawn in ink in the upper right margin.
The quire structure is mixed. There are quires ranging from binions to senions. The quire structure is rendered more complex by bifolia, which have been inserted into the quires by pasting them in at the gutter.
Quire signature occasionally visible in the lower left margin of the verso side of the last leaf of a quire.
A folio is missing after fol. 39. The upper part of fol. 187 is torn with some loss of text. The register and Kyrkobalk are written by hands other than the main one (fols. 36–130). However, since the main section begins in the same quire with the
, they must be roughly contemporary. After the main section, some additional texts were added. The first of these shares a quire with the main section. This suggests that these texts were not simply put together by combining various codicological units, rather blank leaves were afterwards filled by other scribes.
The manuscript is in good general condition. There are some darkened spots and fraying along the edges, but no serious damage.
One column with vertical and horizontal bounding lines in ink (only occasionally visible), 29–30 lines of text.
The main hand (fols. 36–130) writes a cursive of
saec. XVI
(or saec. XVII
Registry by a hand of
saec. XVII
by another hand of
saec. XVI
. Fols. by a hand of
saec. XVI
. After this a few roughly contemporary cursive hands.
Fols. 22–35: rubrics in red and green, majuscules decorated with red and green, headings in red. In the other sections, no colours are used. In the main section majuscules, rubrics, chapter numbers and headings are all drawn with black.
Inner back cover features a very simple pen-drawing of a building complex, possibly a castle.
Dark brown calf over wooden boards, rebacked at the spine. Blind-tooled frames with roll-stamped vines and portraits of the apostles. In the central panel of the front cover, Christ rising from his grave, surrounded by the symbols of His passion. Above the panel, the initials ‘M E S’, probably referring to an early owner or binder. On the central panel of the back cover, St Erik as a soldier-king holding a shield with the three crowns. Below the text, ‘s. erice ora pro nobis’. Remnants of two hook-clasps with catches on the edge of the front cover. Holes of four copper bosses on the corners of both front and back covers. The boards slightly overhang the text-block. Paper pastedowns.
The manuscript probably originates from the
second half of saec. XVI
. The main section was written by a skilled and experienced scribe. This smallish paper manuscript contains very little decoration. It does, however, contain a standard set of laws and regulations. Probably it was intended to be a personal collection. The hand of the Kyrkobalk section appears to be slightly older than the rest of the manuscript, but shares a quire with the main section. Since the additions at the back also share a quire with the main section, it seems that most of the manuscript was produced at roughly the same time.
At the end of the manuscript, there are letters and documents relating to
and probably written around the
end of saec. XVI
Inner front cover, a
saec. XVI
note of a judgement given by
Henrik Bitz
in 1420: ‘Uthscriffet aff Iwdickala iordbook scriffuitt aff her Hendrich Bitz Anno etc. 1420 ... ’. Possibly the manuscript was kept in the
mansion. Other judgments and letters relating to
are found on fols. .
saec. XVII
the manuscript was in the possession of
Hebla Arvidsdotter Stålarm
. 1658), from whom it ended up in the possession of a
Bertil Olofsson
inner back cover
: ‘Denne bock hörer migh Berthell Olofson til medh rätteskift(?) aff Adell och välboren frw hebela stålaarm til Uilies och tyke til Viso medh egen hända underskrifuit. datum(?) Tyke den 5 Marty Anno 1649. Berthell Oloffsson’.
Hebla Arvidsdotter Stålarm
. 1658) till Villiais may have received the manuscript via the family of his first husband
Klas Beurræus
, or her own family (Stålarm).
‘Sahl. Olof Swenssons balans än åtherstår 2418 d:r Sölfuer m.’ (
saec. XVIII
Uppsala University Library
’s shelf-mark on
inner front cover
, fol. . How the manuscript came to the University Library in Uppsala is unknown.
Konung Gustaf den förstes registratur, vol. 1–28
, utg. Victor Granlund – Joh. Ax. Almquist – G. O. Berg, Stockholm 1861–1916.
G. E. Klemming,
Småstycken på forn svenska,
Stockholm 1868–1881.
C. J. Schlyter,
Konung Christoffers Landslag
, Corpus iuris Sueo-Gotorum Antiqui, vol. 12, Lund 1869, LV.
Johan Schmedeman,
Kong. stadgar, förordningar, bref och resolutioner ifrån åhr 1528 in til 1701
, Stockholm 1706.
SRA = Svenska riksdagsakter jämte andra handlingar som höra till statsförfattningens historia under tidehvarfvet 1521–1718, vol. 1
, utg. Emil Hildebrand och Oscar Alin, Stockholm 1887.
Ville Walta
Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici
Creative Commons BY 4.0