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Stockholm, National Library, D 411. Olaus Petri, En swensk cröneka


Olaus Petri, En swensk cröneka


Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici


Saec. XVI 2/3 (before 1566)


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National Library
D 411



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Stockholm, National Library, D 411. Olaus Petri, En swensk cröneka
Saec. XVI 2/3 (before 1566)
? (
Diocese of Turku
Olaus Petri,
En swensk cröneka
Olaus Petri
En swensk cröneka
, cf.
Sahlgren 1917, 1–15, 17–44, 46–112, 113–114, 116–148, 148–181, 182–201, 201–202, 203, 204–205, 206, 210, 223–224, 225–226, 232, 234–235, 237–243, 244–256, 261–298
. The text differs from the edition on several points: The prologue is abridged, the section on St
’s advice to
Magnus Eriksson
omitted, some other sections abridged, section on the conflicts between Kings
is an abridged version (cf. pp.
), which exchanges the order of different section and only loosely matches the edited text. In several sections this manuscript represents the first version of the chronicle, although it has been extended to
. On the different versions of the text, see
Westin 1946
Allom them som thenna Crönickie læande eller höranda warda önskar Jagh Olws petri predikare j Stockholm Sanhetenes kundzskap.
(Prologue) Guudh som al tingh haffwer skapat ...
... här J riket, som vy hörande värde, och theta alt som nu sagt är, må vara för en lithen ingongh til then Crönicke som vy nu aff Gudz tilhielp begynne vile XX. (rest of page is blank).
Enn swensk Crönicka.
Then första konungh som vora Swenska Crönikior ...
... j Rysland I tuiffuelactiga saker. Om Sodana kamper ther ...
... Greffue Henrick aff Holsten medh sigh. Och dgh så med en ganska stor mact ...
... jemerliga ihiel slagne. Och these aff vträesa bleff konungh Magnus ...
... mer openbart ther alle stygdes vidt. Therför gick thå rigsens rodh til med meniga Adelen, och vtualde Junckar Erick konungens son, til konungh ...
... fick aldrigh barn medh sin man. Årädt ther effter bleff ärchebiscop Joahnnes Haquini dödh ...
... Marsken screff och besynnerliga the rom medh, och så beramadis ett härramöte ...
... vpreesningh emot konungen. Thå archebiscopen then sogh, förlossade han böndren vtoff thuu skatten ... giort konungh karl. Och vordho offta mongh breff ... giort emot konungh karl. Thå nu ryctet kom vt J landet ...
... Cristiern intagha stäkett. Och theta synes haffua skeet effter Christi byrdh fiortonhundrade, sexty och tuy år. Thå biscop kätil i Lincöpingh ...
... kan man icke uetha. Men thå konugh Cristiern sogh at konungh karl var komen til Sverighe ... Ty biscop kort i Abo stod honom emot ...
... Män han fick inthetdt uthan spott ...
... ena härede emott then andra. Men thå nu så illa tilstodh, begyntte then menige man j riket begiera konungh Karl ighen, och han bleff på åther inkallat iffro Finlandt ...
(a crossed-out section on Sten Svantesson’s election as
; not found in the edition) ...
... haffuer kastat thetta riket i eeldhen (followed by an addition of
saec. XVII
(Followed by an unnumbered blank flyleaf).
300 pages (150 folios) + 3 unnumbered flyleaves
21cm × 29,5cm (15cm × 24cm)
Pagination in ink in the upper outer margin.
ii + (V–1)
+ 13V
+ (V+1)
+ i
Catchwords for the next page are given at the bottom margin of each page.
The first leaf of the first quire possibly used as the front-cover pastedown. In the last quire, an additional leaf has been pasted on to fol. 149. The manuscript is in good condition. Some of the leaf edges are darkened and pages show evidence of dirt, but no losses of text occur.
One column with 35 lines of text. No ruling is visible, but the regular size of the column and number of lines suggest some was applied.
One main hand writing a steady cursive of
saec. XVI
At least a few regularly appearing additional hands. One hand of
saec. XVI
writes notes in
in red ink. A hand of
saec. XVIII
writes notes in Latin in black ink. Mostly the notes concern the contents of respective sections (names, years, etc.).
The top and bottom lines contain some elongated letters. Occasional use of simply drawn majuscule letters. Some letters highlighted in red (possibly later on). Underlinings and marginal annotations in red.
Dark brown calf on thick wooden boards. Blind-tooled frames with decorative vines and flowers. The leather has become worn out and been conserved with patches of light brown leather. There are remnants of two hook-clasps with decorated catches on the edge of the front cover. Paper pastedowns. The boards over-hang the text-block. The shelf-mark and the title of the work have been written on paper labels on the spine.
The manuscript contains a copy of
Olavus Petri
En Swensk cröneka
. It was executed by an experienced scribe writing a steady hand. The chronicle copied in the manuscript is one of the mixed versions described by
Westin (1946, 6–7)
. It contains the events up to the Stockholm blood-bath, but has a very different and abridged version of the period
compared to Sahlgren’s edition.
The manuscript came to
Gödick Fincke
as an inheritance from his father
Gustav Fincke
. Since the author, Olavus Petri, likely finished his chronicle in the 1540s, the manuscript must have been written between these two dates.
The manuscript was inherited by
Gödik Fincke
from his father,
Gustav Fincke
. The note is dated
, although Gustav had died in
Inner cover
: ‘Gödick fincke äger denne Book den han äfther sin Salig fader ärffde haffer anno etc. 1568’.
Gustav Fincke
, from whom the book stems, was the governor of
. Since the chronicle is not complimentary to King
, it seems plausible it was first acquired by Gustav Fincke after the king’s decease in 1560.
On the inside of the back cover the title of King
John III
from 1569 is written out. ‘Thenn stormechtigte högborrne härre och furste här Johann Thenn Tridie medh Gudz nådhe Swerigis --- Vändis S--- --- --gers etc. konungh Anno etc. 1569’.
The inside front cover also carries notes concerning
Gödik Fincke
and the contents of the book written by
Jöran A. Nordberg
(1677–1744) and
Andreas O. Rhyzelius
(1677–1761), both collectors of manuscripts and historians, who obviously had the manuscript in their possession in
saec. XVIII
Later on, the manuscript came to the collections of the
National Library of Sweden
. The shelf-mark of the National Library ‘D 411’ is found on the spine and inner front cover.
Ari-Pekka Palola, ”Fincke Gustaf Gödekenpoika”,
. Studia Biographica 4, Helsinki 1997–(accessed, 9.7.2015),
Jöran Sahlgren (ed.),
Olavus Petri. En Swensk Cröneka
, Uppsala 1917.
Gunnar T. Westin,
Historieskrivaren Olaus Petri. Svenska krönikans källor och krönikeförfattarens metod
, Lund 1946.
Ville Walta
Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici
Creative Commons BY 4.0