Porvoo, Borgå Gymnasium’s Library, Kristoffer’s Landslag A


Kristoffer’s Landslag and other juridical texts.


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1550s-1560s (before 1567)


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Borgå Gymnasium’s Library
Kristoffer’s Landslag A



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Porvoo, Borgå Gymnasium’s Library, Kristoffer’s Landslag A
1550s-1560s (before 1567)
(?) (
and other juridical texts.
Fols. : Ownership markings (see below), instructions for making a liniment and notes concerning the building of
Erik Axelsson Tott
(on fols. and ). A note of
saec. XVII
on fol. mentions a
Daniell Theodori Neseus
Fols. : Instructions relating to the laws and the court. Text continues from fol. to . Fol. 4 is a later addition.
(Instruction regarding a Thing court) Hwru man skall lysa tingh ... (excerpts from laws) ... (Instructions concerning the interpretation of the laws) att lagenn och lagliga stadgar icke ... hete Jöns, thenn wij haffue haft och ... Stockholm anno etc. 1530 (fol. is blank) Uthi then gambla laghboken I dråpmåla Balken ... ( is blank).
Fols. : Index for the law.
3.2 [A]Flar man barn i festö ... ... 6.5 Vmåle.
Fols. :
; all chapters preceded by an index. No Kyrkobalk included (the chapters have been numbered 2–15). This manuscript not mentioned in
Schlyter 1869
Konungs blacken
. (Index 1–36) [S]werigis rijke är aff ... [S]werigis Rike är af hedne werld ... ... thy sinne och eij lenger. (fol. 32v is blank) Gifftamåla balcken. (Index 1–23) [H]wru man skal sig konu ... [W]il man sig konu bidia ... ... (23) till fulnadha gånga.
Erffda balcken.
(Index 1–23)
[H]uru barn eller ... [D]öör bönde eller hustru ... ... (23) giffwa för hans sieel.
Jorda balken
. (Index 1–33) [F]em äro lagafångh ... [F]em äro lagafång iorda ... ... (33) äghande anlada allan.
Bygninga balcken.
(Index 1–53) [H]wru bönder måga ... [V]ilia bönder by aff nyo ... ... (53) thz mätit warder. (71v is blank)
. (Index 1–14) [K]öpir man lösöra fåå ... [K]öpir man få hoffwadh eller ... ... (14) ty gieldit är til.
(Index 1–43) [F]örst huru lagman ... [T]hå lagmand wälias ... ... (43) hastige mode eller longa awud. (fol. blank)
Edzöris balken
. (Index 1–44) [U]m någor gör androm ... [S]öker man hem åt androm ... ... (44) han thz sielffwer giorde. Konung Erick Månsons stadga och gårdz rätt ... konungx hempd och wredhe (93v blank)
Högmälis balken
. (Index 1–16) [M]order någor annan ... [M]order man annan ... ... (16) utan sina egna (97v blank).
balken mz wilia
(Index 1–38) [K]omber skilnader manna ... [N]u komber skilnader manna ... ... (39) oc tridie härade. (105r–v blank)
Dråpmåla mz uåda
. (Index 1–17) [F]örst skils hwat vilia ... [H]war som sward eller ... ... (17) oc xij manna eede (–v blank).
Såramål med wilia
. (Index 1–20) [H]wru man skall annan ... [N]w will man annan till såra ... ... (20) tess fåå haffuer thet giordt.
Såramal mz wåda
. (Index 1–7) [H]wgger man åth androm ... [H]wgger man åt androm och warder ... ... (7) mz vi manna edhe (115v blank).
Tiwffna balcken
. (Index 1–38) [O]m saak tess som ... [B]esta ting som bonden ... ... (38) effter thy som lagh seija.
(followed by an addition in a hand of
saec. XVI
). (Excerpts from the laws)
Någre synnerlige sticker anteknade. Vdi Gifftamåla blacken, 3 cap.
Nw gånger annars ... ... och han heeter agnebaker (followed by an addition by another hand; is blank).
Fols. : Other texts related to the laws or office of the judge.
[] (
Explanations of old words appearing in the laws
En liten undervisning
eller vthtydning ... [–v] (Excerpts from
Här effter fölger några almenneliga Reglar
vthdragne aff Östgöta laghen
... (–v blank) [] (
Kalmar recess
SDHK 29818
Riksens stadgar som
... [–v] (
Articles from Strängnäs
Istos infra scriptos articulos
... [–v] (King
Tesse effterscriffne Artickler ...
[141r–v] (King
Gustav Vasa
Thesse äre the Artickler som
... [142r–144v] (King
Erik av Pommern
; ed.
Klemming 1868–1881, 63–68
Register på Gårdzretten
(followed by index) ... [H]Wilken man annan slåår ... [] (King
Gustav Vasa
Artickler stelte för kongelige
... [] (
Karl Knutsson
; cf.
Klemming 1856, 298–309
Een hampnaskrog för fiskiare
... [–v] (Examination at the Prosteting)
Thetta är ransakandes på Proste tingh
... (followed by
Magnus Ladulås
). [–v] (
Västerås ordinantia
SRA I, 89–93
Ordinantia som giordis I Westerårs
... [] (
Västerås recess
GIR 5, 25–28
Westerårs recess
... (–v blank) [–v] (Instructions for judges)
Domare Laghen. Theh pläger wara ett almenneligitt sätt ...
Olaus Petri
; ed.
Hesselman 1917, 301–311
Några almennelige Regler ther Domaren bör retta sig epter.
En domare skal först besinna ... ... Män lagh och rätt är herran prijs. [–v] (Quotations from the Bible on the subject of judges)
Domaren till ett betenckande
... (Instructions for Judges)
Hwar rätter domare wil wara
... ... sin skadha åter gelda (–v is blank).
Fols. : Other texts related to the laws (by other hands).
[] (Historical and other notes) Swerigis lagh ähr aff Rickssens konugher ... [] (various short instructions)
Ehnn skön vnderwisningh allom Cristnom Menniskiom
... [–v] (
A list of those not allowed to swear an oath
Thenne effterskreffne Artickler
... [] (
On heritage
Om Arff huad then ähr och huru thet förstås skall
... [] (Quotes from Domareregler) (Some questions from the laws)
Nogre spörsmåll aff Lagen
... [–v] (
Sten Sture
’s letter
; cf.
FMU 4212
, by another hand) (
Erik Fleming
’s letters
27 August 1548
29 January 1537
) (Erik Fleming’s judgment 31.12.1538) (A note concerning taxes paid in money).
Fol. 175 is pasted to the back flyleaf. It contains an account fragment, and notes on ownership similar to those on fol. , and including
Gustav Fincke
’s name.
i + 174 + i folios.
19,5cm × 28cm (11cm × 17,5cm)
No foliation.
The binding is tight and several leaves have been pasted together in the gutters, which renders accurate collation difficult.
Catchwords on the bottom of most pages.
Fol. 1 has been pasted to a leaf of modern paper. Fol. 4 seems to be a later addition between fols. 3 and 5. Possibly a bifolium is missing at the centre of the quire after fol. 126 (catchword does not match with the following page).
The main section of the manuscript ends at fol. 165; after this, an added quire with different watermarks from the main section. The manuscript is in excellent condition.
One unruled column with 31–37 lines of text.
One main hand writing a fine hybrida script is responsible for the text found on fols. . The same hand wrote other manuscripts of
Uppsala, University Library, MSS B 8 and B 38
; and
Stockholm, National Library, Engströms samling no: 56
. All manuscripts were written in the
and two of them have an early Finnish provenance.
The main scribe wrote several notes in the margins of the text of the law. At least one other hand of
saec. XVI
contributed several marginal notes.
Fols. , written by cursive hands of
saec. XVI
Empty spaces left for initials (8 lines high) at the beginning of chapters with the intention of filling later, possibly with initials cut out from prints or other manuscripts (this method is seen in some manuscripts by the same scribe). Alternating red and blue initials at the beginning of each article (occasionally with simple decoration in the opposing colour). Rubrics at the beginning of a chapter in red and blue. A more formal script is used to distinguish the first words of articles. Headings in the upper margins in red; article numbers in the outer margin also in red. Paraphs are in red and blue.
saec. XX
half-binding with cardboard covers.
The manuscript contains
along with a collection of other legal texts. It was written in the
1550s-1560s (before 1567)
by a skilled scribe who was also responsible for a number of other similar manuscripts. A
tempus ante quam
for the writing stems from the first ownership inscription, which is dated
. In saec. XVIII it came into the possession of Mårten Lundbeck and thence to the Porvoo gymnasium.
The earliest mark of ownership seems to be connected to
Hans Larsson Björnram
(d. 1571), the governor of
from 1567; see fol. : ‘1566 M: G: W: G: F: (?). H: Larsson. gwdh hielpe migh aff all min nödh för sin såns pino och clöf.’.
Hans Larsson
’s death, the book passed to his widow,
Ingeborg Nilsdotter Boije
, who, in turn, gave it to her new husband,
Gödik Fincke
(d. 1617) in
; fol. : ‘Gödich fincke äger dhenne bock, Then han aff sin s: kär hustru Ingeborg nilsdåtter bekomedh haffuer, Skriff(uit) uidh nyslåt anno etc. 86’ (followed by two monograms). Gödik Fincke held an offince in
where some notes concerning the local castle where obviousl added.
Fol. : (
saec. XVIII
) ‘Martin Lundbeck’, referring to
Mårten Lundbeck
(d. 1771) who was the rector of
’s elementary school from 1758. The manuscript was purchased for the
Porvoo gymnasium
in the
. He also wrote his name and the year
on fol. .
Borgå lyceum’s stamp on the front flyleaf recto. Shelf-mark ‘L n
15’ on fol. and on fol. .
Konung Gustaf den förstes registratur, vol. 1–28
, utg. Victor Granlund – Joh. Ax. Almquist – G. O. Berg, Stockholm 1861–1916.
G. E. Klemming (ed.),
, Stockholm 1856.
G. E. Klemming (ed.),
Småstycken på forn svenska
, Stockholm 1868–1881.
Folke Nyberg,
Borgå Gymnasii bibliotek. Möten med böcker och människor,
Borgå 2002, 40–41.
C. J. Schlyter,
Konung Christoffers Landslag
, Corpus iuris Sueo-Gotorum Antiqui, vol. 12, Lund 1869.
SRA = Svenska riksdagsakter jämte andra handlingar som höra till statsförfattningens historia under tidehvarfvet 1521–1718, vol. 1
, utg. Emil Hildebrand och Oscar Alin, Stockholm 1887.
Ville Walta
Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici
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