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Linköping, Stiftsbiblioteket, G 30. Ivar Flemings copybook 1413–1580


Ivar Fleming's


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G 30
Ivar Flemings copybook 1413–1580



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Linköping, Stiftsbiblioteket, G 30. Ivar Flemings copybook 1413–1580
Ivar Fleming
Ivar Fleming
; ed.
Roos 1958, 3–108
Iorda book. Assit ad inceptum Tu Christe Jesu mecum. Then Ädele, Erentfeste, Strenge Herriss och Ridderes her Jffuer Flemingx til Swndholm, och hans arffbornes Jorda book, epter närwarende tidz leghenhet, enfalligen doch rättrådigen bescreffuen, offuer hans Jorda godz i Nårrefinland, i Åbo Län, serdelis åtskillige arff och serdelis köpe godz, frelze eller skattgille, beläghne medh theris til[hö]ringer i Wemo och Mascho herreder. N
10. (fol. is blank)
. Swndholms sätte gård ... ... Jacob Ericsson Botila anno 1557.
(Fols. , , , are blank)
1 + 101 folios.
20,5cm × 31cm (15,5cm × 22cm)
Contemporary foliation (A 1–10, B 1–10 etc. until H 2 (fol. 85)) starting from fol. 2r and later foliation (1–101). Fol. 27 is without the older foliation (should be C 2) and is possibly a replacement leaf.
. i + (IX+3+6)
+ (VIII+1+4)
+ (VII+2+1)
+ (VIII+2+3)
; (IV+1)
+ (III–1+1)
The manuscript features a rather complex quire structure with several singletons and inserted smaller slips. Fols. A 3 – A 4 (modern fols. 3–4) are a bifolium, which has been pasted between fols. A 1 (fol. 2) and A 2 (fol. 5). After fol. 6 (A 5) three stubs are visible. Fol. 10 is a smaller slip, pasted to fol. 11 (A 9); fol. 12 is a smaller slip. Fols. 15–16 have been pasted to fol. 14 (B I) and ignored in older foliation. Fols. 21 and 22 (B 6–7) are possibly later additions with a different type of paper. Fols. 32 and 33 are smaller slips. A stub is visible after fol. 34 (C 7). Fol. 36 is a smaller slip. Fol. 43 is a smaller slip. A leaf has been cropped after fol. 51 (E 2) (old foliation continues with E 3); a stub visible after fol. 62 (F 3); fol. 64 is a small slip; fol. 72 is a small slip; fol. 74 is a small slip, between it and fol. 75 a stub is visible; after fol. 79 (G 7) a stub is visible; fol. 82 is a smaller slip; fol. 95 has been pasted to a guard; fol. 100 is a small slip. After fol. 101 a leaf has been cropped.
The change in watermarks shows that the quires following the ones with contemporary foliation are separate units. They both contain watermarks that do not appear in the first section. Different watermarks are also found on some of the leaves that have been added to the first section.
The manuscript is in good overall condition. There is some staining and water damage, but no loss of text has occurred.
One unruled column with
. 27–30 lines of text.
One main scribe writing a cursive of
saec. XVI
over a period of time. This is suggested by the timeframe of the charters and how different persons are referred to in the book.
Other hands make short additions.
Simple pen-drawn majuscules. Headings in a more formal script. Apart from this, no decoration.
Modern cardboard binding with brown leather on the spine and corners. Title ‘Ivar Flemings jordebok’ and shelf-mark ‘G 30’ on the spine. Paper pastedowns. The covers overhang the text-block.
The manuscript contains historical notes and various material related to the estates of
Ivar Fleming
(d. 1548) who held various offices in
. The estates were later passed to his heir,
Lars Fleming
(d. 1562), and still later to his widow
Birgitta Larsdotter (Tre rosor)
. After Birgitta’s death in
, the estates and documents concerning them passed to the Bielke family through her daughter’s marriage.
Most of the writing has been done by one experienced main scribe, but others have made additions to the text. Several slips with additional information have been entered between leaves. The manuscript has one main section with contemporary foliation and two additional quires, written on a different type of paper. They do, however, contain texts by a hand that appears in the first section.
The manuscript was written over a long period of time. The writing seems to have begun during Ivar’s time and continued after his demise. The latest note concerns the year
. Roos has suggested that the scribe served the family for a number of years and had an interest in genealogy as evidenced by several entries concerning families. There are notes (e.g. fol. ) referring to other account books, which show that the book was part of a larger collection.
Remnants of one such related account book may be found in
Helsinki, National Library, Hö.II.28 (Tengström – Lagus)
, which contains fragments written by the same hand as the current manuscript. The collection includes six slips related to different pieces of land and a small quire of nine leaves with information mainly on the inheritance of
Birgitta of Lokalax
(related to fols. of this manuscript). The layout of these notes is similar to those in the rest of the manuscript and they often provide additional information on estates and/or persons mentioned in the manuscript. The latest notes concern the year
. Although they are clearly a product of the same writing process, it is not obvious that the notes in fact formed a part of the manuscript at any point. If they were a part of the manuscript, they may have been removed by
Wilhelm Gabriel Lagus
(d. 1859), notorious for his collections of historical documents removed from the archives.
The manuscript was probably originally housed at
. After
Birgitta Larsdotter
's demise in
, it was likely to the Bielke family through her daughter’s marriage.
The book was donated to the
Linköping Stiftsbibliotek
Johan Fredrik Odencrantz
(d. 1819) (see inner front cover). How it came into his possession is uncertain. One possibility is that it was passed to him through his grandfather,
Andreas Olavi Rhyzelius
(1677–1761), a known historian.
The shelf-mark of the
Linköping Stiftsbibliotek
‘G 30’ is found on the inner front cover and spine.
Kauko Pirinen, “Suomen keskiaikaiset arkistot”,
Historiallinen arkisto 52
(1947), 87–88.
John E. Roos (ed.),
Iivar Flemingin maakirja
, Helsinki 1958.
Ville Walta
Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Codices Fennici
Creative Commons BY 4.0

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